by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

francisbirds_origins.fwNow is the time that the Church needs the light of the ancient Saints to shine again!

For the last 22 years, I have tried to follow the inspiration to follow Saint Francis in the ancient manner: in the manner approved by the Popes of centuries past.  For 18 years I searched for a Bishop to give me permission to do so. I never found one.

What I did find was many bishops who were positively intimidated by my past history of denouncing sexual misconduct of clergy, religious and school staff.

After the PA Grand Jury Report on sexual abuse in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I have finally realized why so many Bishops are terrified of me.

However, now I know why its all the more reason to terrify some Bishops.

If holiness is the terror of the wicked, let there be all the more holiness!

So, though I have laid aside a desire to found a traditional Franciscan Monastery for several years now, thinking I was the problem. Now I realize how true this vocation from God is, and that I should sound the call once again to potential vocations and benefactors, to follow Saint Francis’ excellent way of penance again!

If you are a potential vocation, see The Franciscan Archive’s page on Vocation Information, and if, having read this, you think you may be called to follow Saint Francis, contact me at a.f.bugnolo AT G

If you are a benefactor and would like to help support the foundation of a new community, please send your donation to

Save Old St. Mary’s Inc.
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