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The Franciscan Archive can gladly publish today, photographs of the First Tome of Bonaventure’s Opera Omnia, due out in November of this year. Get your copy through this link (then scroll down for Paypal or Order Form).

The book is an exact and complete translation of the Original Latin tome (still available in Print, here) with the same layout and pagination, for easy cross reference and citation.

This book is an excellent gift for clergy, religious, and your learned layman.  A great way to preserve the faith in your parish, community, or home.

The Book is packaged individually in a mail-worthy box.  When opened, it reveals the book, individually shrink-wrapped:


When unwrapped, it looks like this, on the Front…


And on the back (though there is a small piece of styrofoam from the packaging caught in this photo on the back):


And finally, the book, when opened (note that the typography imitates the Quaracchi edition), but as the English translation is sometimes longer than the Latin text, occasionally the text on 1 page will be longer than that on the facing pace, as seen here (esp. if there is a translator’s footnote added):


If you have questions about this publication, please Tweet Br. Alexis Bugnolo at @BrAlexisBugnolo or Contact him via Face Book.  Note, that this book ships after November 1, 2014.